Matthew Wiseman

Japan and other parts of Asia

Japan and other aspects of Asia 




Meiji Conversation Partners

This was the first cultural exchange program that I took part in. I really enjoyed the experience and I feel that it was a great way to meet friends in other countries. In this programs case, I was matched with a Korean student that was studying in Japan. His unique background gave me additional insights into East Asian culture and I appreciate his friendship. In the ensuing semesters, I was matched with several other Japanese kids who which I have ongoing relationships with. Thanks, Instagram, and LINE.


Japanese Classes 

My classmates and Sensei's have helped me along the path of learning Japanese. Also being in Japanese classes have given me a different circle of friends then if I had just minored in another media channel  


Kyoto Study abroad 

Studying abroad in Japan was a fantastic experience that I cherish. Staying with a Host family instead of hotels gave me more opportunities to use the Japanese language skills that I have developed. Speaking with locals also eroded the nervousness that so characterized my abilities up until then. Japan is beautiful friendly county that I ache to return to.