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Matthew Wiseman 

Hello welcome to my personal website.  My name is Matthew Wiseman and I am an Advertising student at San Jose State University. I will be graduating with a BS in Advertising along with a Minor in Japanese Linguistics in 2018. I currently work for the leading solar marketing agency Identity3. In the future I will continue to pursue a career in advertising with the end goal being either Chief Creative Officer or founding my own agency. I've always been interested in Product and Car design but after coming to stunning realization that I can't draw I decided that Advertising would be a better fit. Its a Career that combines all the best aspects of creativity, science and lets be honest a little bit of magic ( hey GM convinced people to buy the Metro Geo). Its also a career that will enable travel and as someone with an interest in other cultures and no particular anchors in the States I figured that was a good fit too. 

On a more personal note, I have many interests they include: Japanese, Vintage Automobiles, Horology, technology and noodles. I've liked cars ever since my grandfather sat me down on his lap and started reciting from the pages of Road & Track and Car & Driver. I was less than a year old, I've been doomed from the start. I continued to curate this interest and by the time it came for me to purchase my first car I aimed for the coolest car I could afford and that was... A 1988 BMW 325is the perfect car for a 17 year old. The BMW (which I still daily drive). A perfect blend of good design, good performance. 




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